Twila Montgomery 1946

Recently out of high school, Twila documents her daily life in Idaho.

Marcus Marquard 1931

With a group of 30 other tourists, Marcus sets sail for a 2 month long journey across Europe to see Catholic sites.

Eliza Sparrow 1868

The daily life of a woman in New York, just after the Civil War.


Adeline Barnes 1929-1930

Adeline lived a very social life in Kentucky around the time of the Great Depression. She loved her garden and looked forward to building her new house nearby.


Miss Evelyn Quinby 1901

A young lady living in Detroit, Michigan at the turn of the century. The reading of this diary when it was first discovered by the last owners at an antique shop seemed to summon the spirit of a young lady. Perhaps Evelyn, who passed away on board a cruise to France in 1925…