Polly Eliza Sanford Sparrow​

Eliza Sparrow was born Polly Eliza Sanford on April 26, 1827. She was a teacher in Camden, New York and married Joseph Sparrow in June of 1862. They had one son, Thomas Sanford Sparrow, born April 20, 1863.

I managed to purchase the bulk of Eliza’s diaries trying to keep them together, but her earlier ones escaped me and I still hope to find them and reunite them with the rest of her diaries, and hopefully, her family.


A day in the life of Eliza…           

Sunday, November 8, 1868

Cold, rainy day. This morning before Ma or I were up, she called to Jony to go and see what she had in her hand. He pronounced it a louse. She found it on her neck. He brought it to me. It was the first that I ever saw.

We then went to combing heads. Ma came first and I combed out two. After, mine was tried and three were found. Then I began to comb Darling and oh! Horrors. In that little head I found twelve.




Reading from Eliza’s Diary

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