“The longer I live, the more intense I live.

I would rather wear out than rust out!”

Adeline Barnes

Adeline Barnes

Adeline “Addie” Barnes was born Adeline Davis Sublett on October 19, 1867 in Blandville, Kentucky. In 1929 she was living in Hopkinsville, Kentucky with her husband Ed Barnes. 

Adeline was very proud of her home and her garden, although she longed for a house all her own. This dream started to take shape in 1930, and by 1932 she and Ed will have built their own house in Hopkinsville which remains to this day.

I am still trying to reunite Addie with her family!

“Travel has filled the walls of my memory with beautiful pictures and made life beautiful.”

A day in the life of Adeline…           

Monday, Jan. 13, 1930

It is true “we never know one minute what we will be doing the next.” I arose early and was proceeding with my arrangements to entertain the History and Literary Club tomorrow when Dina called and told me that Mr. Henry Abernathy died last night. He is our close neighbor and friend and Dena being president of the club called off the meeting. This is the second time that the meeting with me has been called off on account of death.

Dena and I called at the Abernatha home to pay our respects.

This afternoon I wrote letters to carrie Shaw Worthington and Denman Pease.

Reading from Adeline’s Diary

Below is the first video of me reading from Adeline’s diary.

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