Twila Montgomery

Twila Montgomery was born in 1927 in Idaho and lived there with her sister, parents, and their dog Tim.

In her 1946 diary, she documents her family’s move from northern Idaho to the Middleton area. She writes about her aunts and uncles, about school and her new job. 

I am still trying to reunite Twila with her family! If you have any leads, please contact me.


A day in the life of Twila…           

Wednesday, August 7, 1946

It seems there was so much stuff to do we couldn’t get any of it done so consequently we weren’t ready to go to Boise when Aunt Ada and girls came. Whenever the car stopped it had to be pushed to start it. This is the first time I ever bought many shoes high heels too!! [(about 1 in. wedges. ha) I growing up fast, I only had two other pair in my life and never wore them.)] I got 4 pair (one only cost 25¢ the others $5.00 a piece) I also got a second hand Bulova watch, $24.75. 2 blouses and two dresses, $2.98 a piece.




Reading from Twila’s Diary

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