“Perhaps I shall never have the opportunity of another visit to the city [of Venice], but my first shall never be erased from memory, and I shall ever revert to it as among the happiest hours of my sojourn in Italy.”

Marcus Marquard

Marcus Marquard

Marcus was a young man of about 23 years old when he journeyed with his brother Vincent across the Atlantic and through Europe by train, visiting France, England, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. He took detailed notes which he would then publish in St. Joseph’s Gleaner.

Marcus later went on to become a priest and changed his name to Rev. Philip Marquard. He helped to establish several organizations to aid the elderly, ex-offenders and homeless in Chicago.

Marcus’s journal has finally been reunited with his family in Ohio – our first success story!    




Wednesday, July 22, 1931

Vin + I were up at the sound of the bugle and the trooping of feet. At first we thought war had been declared or something. We looked out the window and saw about 2 or 3 hundred soldiers marching and carrying machine guns on the horse’s backs. Where the soldiers were going or coming from we did not know. It was a wonderful sight to see them marching in perfect order.

We got dressed now, because it was just about 6:30. In the lobby we met Father Myering, Joe, + Mr. Heckle, and the bunch of us went over to church. I think it was St. Joseph’s Church. Here Father read Mass + Vin served. Afterwards we returned to the hotel + had breakfast. I then went to the writing room and wrote until 11:300, because I had to bring my diary up to date.

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