The Lost Diary Project

Begun during the pandemic, The Lost Diary Project attempts to rescue old diaries from eBay, etsy, or wherever they may be found, and return them to their families. Diaries find their way to thrift shops, estate sales and eBay unbeknownst to relatives or descendants, and that’s where I now come in! I began collecting antique diaries in 2020 and decided soon after to attempt to identify the writers and reunite the books with their living descendants. To fund this project, I created a membership program on the site Buy Me A Coffee where supporters will get exclusive access to my readings from the diaries, and other bonuses. Each diary will also be available as a pdf download for $5. Supporters of The Lost Diary Project will be helping me to cover the cost of purchasing these diaries, which so far have ranged in cost from $25 up to $350 each. I hope with the support from this “book club” I will be able to freely return each diary to its family in due time. 

For each diary, I publish one initial reading publicly on my YouTube channel and the rest are reserved for members.

If you have found any old diaries that you would like to contribute to the project, please feel free to contact me and we can work something out! 

If you love going on treasure hunts at car boot sales, estate sales, or antique shops, I would also very much welcome your treasure-hunting skills to seek out new rescues for me. 

Thank you for stopping by!

You can also find me on Instagram, though it isn’t an account dedicated solely to my diaries. 

The diary will really try and tell people who you are and what you were. The alternative is writing nothing, or creating a totally lifeless, as it is leafless, garden.John Robert Fowles